More Pictures of Sky Stuff

Continuing the theme from my previous post, I took some more pictures this morning and wanted to share them.

I hope you enjoy these -- I enjoyed taking them! Descriptions follow the images below.

m92 m3

1) is Saturn and its ring(s).

These rings really deserve their own post -- the theory behind their stability and structure has centuries of history, and has flourished with Cassini's close-up images. Wikipedia has some incredible pictures.

2)-4) are all "globular clusters".

These are ancient stellar systems with tens to hundreds of thousands of stars, tightly bound by gravity. The first is M92, a cluster that is at least 10 billion years old. Second is M3, a half-million star globular cluster of comparable age in Canes Venatici (near the big dipper / plow / Ursa Major). Finally, M13 is a globular cluster in the armpit of the Hercules constellation.

Next steps

I'm still new at this, but I hear postprocessing (i.e. photoshopping) can be useful to subtract out artifacts in the images, and to subsequently prettify them. Aside from that and looking at new objects, I have a few other things planned for future mini-projects. Check back soon!