CDIPS ExoFOP Documentation

2022.02.19. I’ve posted new CDIPS planet candidates to ExoFOP-TESS, based on the second year of TESS images (Sectors 14 to 26). You can find them at the CTOI table. The light curves are staged (and in holding) at MAST. Relevant documentation is below. Since it can be somewhat difficult to pull everything off ExoFOP, this dropbox folder is an alternative way to download everything from one place.

2020.03.04. The CDIPS planet-finding vetting reports based on the first year of TESS images (Sectors 1 to 13) are available at ExoFOP-TESS. Explanations of sequential versions of their contents are in the links below.

CDIPS Light Curves

2022.05.04. The CDIPS light curves for Sectors 14 to 26 of TESS are available at MAST. A cumulative metadata file is also on the HLSP page. Reductions for Cycle 3 are underway!

2020.08.25. The CDIPS light curves for Sectors 1 to 13 of TESS are available at MAST. Reductions for additional sectors are underway.

NGC 2516 (CDIPS-III, Bouma+21) Supplementary Data

2021.07.02. For most purposes, Table 1 of the paper contains everything you need. The reports and light curves below are a supplement that can help manually resolve period ambiguities. Additional information (e.g., spectroscopy, Gaia astrometry) can also be helpful when deciding how to interpret a periodogram peak.