clouds Clouds in New Jersey, ca. 2019.

clouds Me by the turtle pond. March, 2021.

clouds Saturn. The Cassini Division is visible, and is caused by a 2:1 resonance with Mimas. I took the images through the 12" Meade LX200 in Peyton’s Observatory, using a Canon EOS 60D. August, 2017.

clouds Me next to a river. August, 2020.

fallcolors Good fall colors in Princeton, outside Peyton Hall. September, 2017.

yellow Rocks next to a water spout in Nevada. Tal (blue hat); me (orange hat). June, 2016.

tesslaunch Me, about 30 minutes before TESS was shot into space on a Falcon 9. April 18, 2018.

outreach Me, chatting about space at the Peyton Observatory. January, 2019.

cruise La Palma, from the Norweigan Epic. July, 2018.

rocketglass Off Rt 66 in Southern California. June, 2016.

logistic Logistic map. Date doesn’t matter.

For making it to the end, some wisdom.